FAQs in plastic surgery

Strange but true….some of these questions are asked very frequently by our patients….This list will be updated as often as possible. Kindly help us and others expand our knowledge by posting in the comments section. We will reply to them as soon as possible.
No we do not. Plastic surgery is a subspeciality of surgery, where we use the finest techniques in tissue handling, suture materials and so on, with results meant to appeal to the eye. The name comes from “Plastikos” in Greek,which denotes “modeling” or “sculpting”. The plastic surgeon works with the patient as his model!
Never trust a plastic surgeon who tells you that! Any surgery will leave a minimal scar, and how it will behave will vary from patient to patient. Your plastic surgeon can minimize the scar, and hide it in places where it will not be seen very easily. Our results section will attest to that fact.
Plastic surgery at our centre is very affordable, with complex surgeries being done at a fraction of the cost at other major centres, with fantastic results. Do contact us with specific details and visit our facilities in person. Only that will convince you once and for all!
Each individual is different. The nose or some facial feature that suits a famous actor suits him/her. It may not suit you. Our aesthetic results aim to bring out the best in you, not copy someone else! That way, your expectations can be more realistic!
That varies from patient to patient, and case to case. Generally, for most cosmetic/aesthetic procedures, 3- 4 days maximum. Further details can be discussed when you meet up with us.
Patient privacy is our foremost concern. Your details will be kept absolutely confidential. None of your details will be revealed to anyone outside the surgical/post operative team. Your details will not be abused.
Though results of liposuction are generally predictable and good, and results are claimed to be permanent, it is not so in reality. You will put on weight if you are lax afterwards. The results are complementary to good diet plans, lifestyle changes and good exercise. That makes the result permanent.
Yes, but the scar will be a thin one and chosen to be well hidden within the trouser/sari line. It will not be visible to the casual observer.
The donor site generally heals well. It heals in the same way an abrasion ( scrape wound ) heals, but some post operative care is required.
No. It will not. The graft may become lighter or darker than the surrounding area, and the difference is generally visible. What is correctable is the texture of the graft, which improves with compression dressings. With the passage of time, the difference between graft and surrounding areas is less apparent.
Do not worry. Recovery is gradual. Our patients generally recover well, with few exceptions. You can expect a gradual, steady recovery over a month or two, and not as shown in cinemas!
Many centres have different points of view. Your child should be operated as early as possible, once the anaesthesia team deems him fit for surgery. We operate on a cleft palate child any time before 1 ½ years, before speech starts developing, for a good, predictable result.
Yes,definitely possible, though survival of the replanted part depends on the level of amputation, type of injury – crush, sharp cut, etc and the condition of the patient. Results vary from patient to patient based on the above factors. Many fingers/body parts can be replanted, when brought in time to our centre. Do look at microsurgery page for some of our results.
Modern anaesthesia is very very safe. Complications are rare, thankfully. So your child will be safe.
You can definitely look much younger than your actual age with our face lifts and various cosmetic therapies, but it is good to have realistic expectations. Never believe anyone who tells you a 50 year old can look like a 20 year old post plastic surgery! It is after all, surgery, not magic!
This condition is called microtia. Yes, definitely possible, though no surgeon can make it look as perfect as a normal ear. It is done in stages, but the end results are generally good.
This condition is called microtia. Yes, definitely possible, though no surgeon can make it look as perfect as a normal ear. It is done in stages, but the end results are generally good.
Generally the plates and screws are permanent, and cause no problems. They need to be removed only in the event of plate infection/ reactions or if the implant is felt by the patient to be prominent. Fortunately, this does not happen too often.