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Congenital anomalies

Congenital deformities ( external ) are a source of concern for the child’s family, as some of these defects are visually very disturbing. These pose a social and psychological problem too, with the child and parents being subjected to ridicule and ostracization. Fortunately, a large number of these external defects can be corrected, bringing cheer to the child and family alike. We offer corrective surgery for all hand defects – such as syndactyly ( fused fingers ), polydactyly ( multiple fingers ), cleft hand, thumb aplasia/hypoplasia( absent or underdeveloped thumb ), club hand and many others. We also offer corrective surgery for hypospadias ( urinary opening below /short of the normal location ), epispadias ( opposite of the former condition )and other genito – urinary defects.

We are a leading centre for congenital and acquired ear defects, and microtia correction ( absent external ear ) is a speciality of our unit.

We often deal with ptosis ,lid defects,facial clefts and craniosynostosis .